We offer mobile homes at some of the best campsites in Europe - in sought-after destinations within France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Whether you’re after an active holiday with family in the Pyrenees or relaxing by the pool, you can choose a destination that suits you and benefit from our market leading prices.

Camping in Europe - Ferry Inclusive or Accommodation Only

On each of our campsite pages, you’ll be able to get a no-obligation quote for an accommodation only stay or ferry inclusives. You’ll also be able to check out the facilities at our European campsites, look at mobile homes options, find a sitemap and more.

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Campsites in Spain

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Campsites in Italy

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Campsites in Portugal

Which Campsite Is Best For Me?

We offer some of the best campsites in Europe, carefully selected after numerous visits and meetings with the owners and managers. Our campsites vary from lively and active to more peaceful and quiet with a location to suit everyone.

The best thing to do is to explore a few of the links above and make sure to check the facilities page. There you’ll find a list of the things you’ll find at the campsite - like restaurants, shops, indoor pools and so on. You can check whether the things important to you are present.

Which is your recommended European campsite?

EuroResorts have personally selected all of its campsites based on a number of criteria. Important factors like transport, proximity of a beach, customer service are all considered before offering a campsite.

This makes it very difficult to recommend one campsite over another, however, some campsites are more popular if you have specific requirements:

"La Garangeoire is a great choice if you don’t want to drive too far but want good weather and great activities” - Ron Jones - Director

“Helen & myself have been reps on La torre Del Sol for over 10 years, all year round the weather is great, lots of customers love visiting Barcelona and the various theme/water parks..” - Keith Sparrow - Campsite Representative