Winter holidays in Europe

If it seems like our summer gets shorter and the winter drags on forever then maybe a winter break is what you need. Wintertime in the UK – what can be more depressing? Cold weather, grey skies and never-ending sleet and rain – it’s no wonder that so many Britons choose to go on holidays in the winter.

If you feel this way, it might be time to start planning some fun winter activities to help break up the monotony and make the most of the cold weather. But where to go that's easy to get to without breaking the bank?

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One great way to enjoy the winter months is by planning a trip to somewhere that usually has warmer weather. While you have a whole list of choices about where to jet set, a tested and true destination option is always Spain.

Spain is ideal as it has a huge variety of activities and attractions on offer, as well as being blessed with great weather even in the middle of winter.

Even a short winter break for four or five days can give you a much-needed change of scenery and some welcome vitamin D to help you get through to Spring.

Five reasons to spend the winter holidays in Spain.

  1. The glorious food – While seasonal produce is quite limited in the UK during the colder months, the Spanish sun creates gorgeous fruits and veggies all year round.
  2. A quick dip in the sea – The thermometer might not get up into the mid-20s, but after you bake in the warm sun all day you will be craving a dip in the sea. From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, the seas are stunning in Spain.
  3. Take in the arts and culture – Some of the most creative and famous artists hail from Spain: Goya, Picasso, Dali and countless others. If you experience a rainy day, check out the country’s legendary museums and galleries.
  4. Working on your tan – When you get back to the office, your colleagues are going to be jealous of your rich tan gained from hours spent lounging by the sea or sipping cocktails in town!
  5. The great outdoors – Make the most of the great weather and spend lots of time in the great outdoors. From adventure sports to a simple hike, you will find plenty of sporting opportunities in Spain.

When to take a winter holiday

The winter can be considered to be from October to March so when during that half of the year is best to take a holiday?

here are benefits attached to each month depending on how you want to spend your time. The lowest temperatures are likely to be in December and January but even then, is still warmer than April and May in the UK. It's an ideal time if you like to be active, hike, play sports or visit tourist attractions. You'll also still be able to spend your winter holiday on the beach.

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Winter holidays in December

If you are thinking of taking your winter holiday in December, you'll experience the fun-packed, festive agenda of the Costa Blanca which often includes Christmas fairs, charity fêtes, Saint Silvestre road races, ice-skating, seasonal concerts and theatre, and carol-singing.

The Christmas season is a wonderful time to visit Europe. The continent is full of festive cheer, with twinkling lights, Christmas markets, and decorations adorning every street. If you’re looking for a winter wonderland to escape the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, Europe is the perfect destination.

A festive winter holiday

There is nothing quite like getting into the festive spirit by browsing stalls full of unique gifts and trying traditional Spanish Christmas food, whilst sipping on hot mulled wine. Spain is absolutely enchanting during the winter months. The festive atmosphere is contagious, and there are plenty of festive activities to enjoy. If you’re looking for a winter getaway, Spain is the perfect destination.

October and March for winter holidays

As October and March are the first and last months of the winter, they are often blessed by unusually warm days but without the consistently high temperatures of mid-summer. These are perfect months to visit Spain if you want to avoid the crowds, still get plenty of sunbathing in and benefit from great deals.

Any time is a good time for a winter holiday in Spain

The country has so much to offer, from stunning scenery and beaches to world-renowned cuisine and rich culture. Whether you’re looking for a festive getaway, an action-packed adventure or a relaxing break, a campsite winter holiday in Spain is the perfect destination. Our Alannia Costa Blanca resort is the perfect base for couples, families, or groups of friends, with enough activities and facilities to ensure a fantastic holiday even if you never leave the campsite. For those who do want to venture further, the resort is conveniently located within easy reach of beaches, towns and attractions.

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Great deals on accommodation and travel.

The best deals are available outside of the school holidays, and this applies to the winter holidays too. Families often like to go to Spain for the Christmas season as it's still possible to spend lots of time outside and for everyone to have fun in and around the pool.

Our Alannia Costa Blanca resort is often booked for long stay holidays which can be for one month or up to six months. Enjoy the sun on your own decking, take a swim in the fabulous spa complex and enjoy high-quality meals in the restaurant at exceptionally low prices.

Prices start from just €28.28 per night.

Book a long stay winter holiday

Your mobile holiday home is equipped for up to six people, so you might like to invite family or friends to join you for part of your holiday.

European winters offer a unique opportunity to see some of the continent’s most popular tourist attractions without the crowds. If you’re looking to avoid the summertime crowds, Winter is the perfect time to visit Europe’s top attractions.

What to pack for your winter holiday in Spain

As the weather will be milder than in the UK, you won't need to pack your heavy winter coat. A light jacket or cardigan should suffice for evenings. Daytime temperatures will allow you to get away with packing summer clothes such as shorts, t-shirts and dresses but again, a cardigan or shawl will come in handy for the evenings.

Sunscreen is a must all year round in Spain so don't forget to pack your high-factor sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

Our experienced team are here to help you with planning your dream holiday. Get in touch if you have any questions or need help booking your winter holiday.

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