If you are looking for a great day out for the whole family whilst on your EuroResorts holiday at the 5 star Vendee campsite La Garangeoire, then Puy Du Fou might be just the place for you!

Puy du Fou is an amazing theme park just 50 miles from La Garangeoire.  The spectacles include chariot racing, a stunning amphitheatre, gladiators and lions and falconry displays to name just a few!  The shows really are spectacular and it is the largest tourist attraction in the Vendee.

The Murphy family from Bristol love La Garangeoire and they have kindly sent us the review of their day out last year at Puy du Fou.

"For the last four years we have booked our holidays with EuroResorts.  We went with a more well known company before that, but found that EuroResorts offered a much better service at much less cost!

During last year’s holiday at our favourite site, La Garangeoire,  we decided to go to the Puy du Fou theme park.  It didn’t take long to get there, and was well worth the pleasant drive.  We would recommend it to everyone! There is so much to do, and it is done so well.  We saw an exhilarating medieval battle re-enactment with knights on horseback, massive war machines and flame throwing trebuchets.  There was an amazing bird display ending in hundreds of birds swooping around the amphitheatre to music, and the most exciting Roman Games with real lions!  You must see the indoor spectacle about the Musqueteers, with hundreds of actors and horses, choreographed with military precision.  Our only regret is our kids had so much fun they were too tired to stay for the evening CineScenie.  Oh well, next time!" B. Murphy - Bristol

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